How to Sleep when You Have Anxiety



Think about what makes you anxious.,
Try to put it out of your mind.,
Distract yourself.,
Talk to someone about your problem.

Maybe you’re worried about a school test tomorrow, or maybe you have some bills you’re having a hard time paying.

Are you afraid of something? You could be afraid of monsters, or murderers, or something silly of that sort.

, Once you’ve figured out what makes you anxious, it’s time to stop thinking about it. Think to yourself, “That test is tomorrow, so I don’t have to worry about it right now.” If you’re afraid of monsters, you can always hold onto a stuffed animal, as silly as that may sound. If you’re afraid of robbers or murderers breaking in, lock your windows and doors to feel safe.

, There’s several things that you can do to keep your mind off of it. Try reading a book or watching a movie. You could play a game on your phone. Some fun games to play are “Alice Ninja” or “Flappy Bird.” They’re easy to play, but they’re challenging, so you won’t think about what’s bothering you. You could also write about your anxieties in your diary or journal to get it off your chest.

, If you’re married, talk to your spouse. If you’re a kid or teen, talk to your parents. Family will usually be willing to help you.

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