How to Sleep when on Your Period



Practice proper sleep hygiene.,
Improve your sleep environment.

After you treat your period symptoms, there are some other ways that you can improve your sleep hygiene, which is the things you do to get proper sleep. Good ways to improve your sleep hygiene are:

Using your bed only for bed activities, such as sleep and sexual activity, and avoiding watching TV and reading
Avoiding caffeine after noon
Eating only light, easily digestible food within two hours of going to bed, or avoiding food all together
Sticking to relaxing activities instead of stimulating activities such as exercise, During your period, you may find yourself irritated or restless. Not properly unwinding or relaxing before bed can cause you to have insomnia, which is made worse by anxious feeling caused by your change in hormones. In the hour or two before bed, try to make yourself relax. Common ways to do this are:

Do something you love that’s relaxing, such as read a book, listen to music, or sit outside

Try relaxation techniques, such as deep breathing exercisesPerform progressive muscle relaxation, which is a technique where you tense then relax every muscle in your body in order calm yourself and sleep betterUse positive visualization, where you imagine your happy place in order to decrease anxiety and worry about the futureTake a hot shower to release tension and relax your muscles, which can help cramping and bloating

, Having an uncomfortable bed or bedroom can cause insomnia, especially if you are already on edge from hormonal changes due to your period. Your body temperature may also increase due to these changes, so you might have to change your bedding during this time of the month. Make sure your comforter, blanket, and sheets are soft, comfortable, and provide enough heat or cool for you to sleep.

This will vary depending on the year, temperature control in your room, and stage of your period, so try different configurations to see what is best for you.Try using a body pillow while you sleep to help with muscle pain. They help take tension off your muscles.
This applies to your bed clothing as well. Wear breathable fabrics such as cotton or linen.

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