How to Sit Next to a Girl You Like in School



Know when to stop talking.,
Practice good hygiene.,
Tell her it was nice to meet her.,
Ask if she would like to talk again.

When class starts or an assembly in the gym begins, don’t try to keep the conversation going in a whisper. Instead, participate fully in whatever the activity is. This will show her that you have very clear boundaries and that you understand social norms.You may be able to make a few more connections with some non verbal communication. If the teacher says something funny, you might look her way and make some eye contact while you laugh., You’ll want to be at your best when you sit next to a person you like. The last thing you want is to come off charming and likable, only to have her become too distracted by any offensive odors coming from your body. Be sure to shower daily. Where deodorant and brush your teeth twice a day.

Carry mints with you. Have one before you sit down. Gum can work too, but it can sometimes be hard to talk while chewing gum. It can also be perceived as rude or gross.
Where a modest amount of cologne. Don’t dump too much on. It shouldn’t burn the nostrils of the person smelling it. A few dabs on your neck and wrists is fine.

, End the conversation by thank her for her time. Tell her you really enjoyed meeting her (or getting to know her even better). Be specific. Reference something you guys talked about. “I had a really great time hearing your views on the television show Supernatural.” “Thank you for telling me that funny story about your cats.” “I understand this physics problem so much better now that we’ve had a chance to talk it out together.

, If you’ve just met, it might not be prudent to ask for her number right away. But you can try to set up an appropriate time to meet again. Or even better, ask if it would be okay if you sat next to her the next time the class meets. After you get to know her a little better, you can ask to call her sometime.

Be specific here as well. “I’d like to talk more about pet ownership with you if you are interested.”
Let her know when you’ll be here again. This puts the power in her hands to decide if she would like to sit next to you again. Which she totally will if you followed these steps.

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