How to Show a Girl That You Like Her Without Being Obvious



Show her an appropriate amount of attention.,
Go easy on the gifts.,
Don’t show up out of nowhere.,
Keep active elsewhere.,
Match the length of her messages.,
Be patient when waiting for replies.

Remember: even though you may want her to become your girlfriend, you aren’t there yet. For now, show her the same amount of attention that you would to any other girl or friend. Value quality over quantity when it comes to hanging out., Only give her presents when it is appropriate, like her birthday and holidays. Make the most of these occasions by using inside jokes and knowledge to find her a gift that she will really love and appreciate. Don’t go overboard and smother her with flowers every Friday and chocolates every Monday., Always arrange to hang out ahead of time. Don’t make her feel backed into a corner by just showing up on her doorstep.Only surprise her by showing up unannounced if you’re part of a larger audience, like at a concert or play that she is performing in.

, Make it clear that she has to fit herself into your schedule. Don’t tip your hand by putting your friends, family, and other interests on the backburner. If you already have plans with someone else, stick to it., Note how much she wrote whenever she texts, messages, or emails you. When you write back, limit yourself to the same length, or even shorter. Resist the urge to outdo her and write a novel. Instead, keep it to a simple back-and-forth so she doesn’t feel overburdened by keeping up with you.Also take note of how often she messages you. Stick to the same level of frequency.
Text, call, or email her at random to show her that she is on your mind.But don’t do it so much that you come across as obsessed or needy.

, Remember that she has other stuff going on in her life. Take a breath and relax. Give her time to text or call you back, even if it takes a few hours, or even a couple days. Show her that you respect the fact that other things require her attention.Don’t badger her by following up with a second call or message just to see if she got your first one.
If she never gets back to you before you bump into each other again, let it go unmentioned.
Remember, calling her out on not calling you back will only hurt your chances in the end.

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