How to Show a Girl That You Like Her Without Being Obvious



Include her in your plans.Show her that you think a good time is always a better time when she is part of it.,
Give her time to plan if needed.,
Buy her a ticket anyway.,
Look her in the eyes.,
Make physical contact.,
Embrace her.,
Support her interests.,
Follow her recommendations.

Invite her along whenever you plan to go out. Make her feel part of the group if you are going with other friends, or make her feel special by suggesting that the two of you hang out one-on-one.

You can also try to relate the conversation back to her from time to time. For example, you might say something like, “Hey Ted, did you know that Karen is into that new video game you got too? She’s already on level 5!”

, If you’re going to an event (like a concert or movie) that requires tickets or travel or permission from her parents, give her plenty of notice. Don’t wait until the last minute. Show her that you’re thinking about her needs. For example: “Hey, me and my friends are thinking about going to see the Rock’s new movie up at that theater in Brockport next Friday. You interested?”

, If you only made your plans at the last minute, consider surprising her with a ticket. Only do this if you can afford it, or if you know someone else who can use the ticket as a Plan B if she can’t go. Then offer it to her casually: “Hey, I was online last night buying tickets. The show was selling out fast, but it was too late to call you, so I just bought you one in case you want it. No biggie if you don’t.”

, Don’t stare off at something else when the two of you are talking. Demonstrate your interest in her by giving her your direct attention. Make strong eye-contact when you are together.At the same time, don’t just stare at her without blinking, which might make her uncomfortable. Instead:

Look her in the eye when she is speaking to show her that she has your attention.
When it’s your turn to speak, shift your gaze to something else. Gather your thoughts before you respond.
When you’re ready to speak, look her in the eye again.
By doing this she will feel that you are drawn back to her face again and again. This is much more flattering than being stared at.

, Create a deeper sense of intimacy between the two of you by touching her. Remember, though: be respectful about it. Start by simply standing closer to her, so that you could easily touch without having to reach. If she seems fine with you standing in her personal space, make light, casual touches as you talk. For example:!

If you’re in a crowded space, lean into her when people brush by, then joke about it: “Dang, I’m starting to wish I brought my mints!”
Touch her elbow, hand, or shoulder whenever something new occurs to you: “Oh! Hey! I forgot to tell you . . .”
Nudge her sides or her elbow with your own to underscore a point or tease her: “I bet that one shot of Ewan McGregor’s butt was your favorite part of the movie, eh?”

, Once the two of you are used to making playful physical contact, step it up! Add hugs or even light kisses to the mix. Even though this might seem like crossing the line between “subtle” and “obvious,” don’t back down. As long as she’s receptive, show her that you care with more direct signs of affection.When she’s upset, draw her into a one-armed hug around her shoulders. Give her a polite peck on the top of her head.
If you haven’t seen each other in a while, throw your arms open for a hug. Greet her with, “There she is!” Or, just put on an act as if you haven’t seen each other in forever and do the same thing, even if it’s only been ten minutes.
If she has made a point of dressing up (or even if she hasn’t), take her hand. Bow, give her a gentlemanly kiss on the top of her hand, and tell her how smashing she looks.
Quit saying goodbye at night’s end and just give her a hug instead.

, Attend events that she is participating in, such as sports games, plays, concerts, recitals, etc. Forward her links to posts, stories, and memes that you think she would like. “Like” her comments, links, and posts on social media. Don’t go overboard on this last one, though. Avoid making her think that you’re just liking everything for the sake of it., When she tells you that you should check out this or that band, show, book, or whatever, give it a chance. Show her that you value her opinion. At the same time, use this opportunity to learn more about what she likes so you have that much more to talk about.However, don’t take this to mean that you have to like whatever she likes. Speak from the gut, be your own person, and share your honest opinions.

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