How to Show a Boy You Like Him



Make brief eye contact.,
Mirror his body language.,
Introduce touch.

A great way to get someone’s attention is eye contact. To flirt with your crush, make eye contact. If you’re at, say, a coffee shop, catch your crush’s gaze. Hold their gaze for about four seconds, and then glance away. Then, look back. This is a flirtatious gesture that subtly invites someone to just say “Hi” to you., This may sound odd, but mirroring someone’s body language is read as flirtatious. As you talk to your crush, try to subtly mimic his mannerisms. Copying someone is a way of flattering them. This will give off flirty vibes.When chatting by your locker, for example, mimic what he’s doing. If he leans onto the locker, lean on to it as well. If he plays with his hair, play with your hair.
Do not be too obvious about it. You do not have to copy what he does gesture for gesture. However, try to sit in the same position he does. If he crosses his legs, for example, cross your legs.

, Smiling shows you’re interested and engaged with another person. While talking to him, make sure to flash him a winning smile. This will show him how much you enjoy being around him, which can help convey that you like him.Smile when you first say “Hi” to him. When you take a seat next to him at class, for example, sit down and offer him a big grim.
Smile as he talks. When he tells you about exciting portions of his day, offer a smile to show you care.
Laugh when appropriate at well. If he makes a joke about your chemistry teacher, for example, giggle as you smile.

, Once you’re engaged in conversation, try to introduce some small touching. Brush his hand or arm. Put your hand on his shoulder. Tiny amounts of touch show him you want to be close to him.You can find excuses to introduce touch as well. If you’re waiting for the bus, say you’re cold and cuddle up next to him.
Pay close attention to how he reacts. If he seems uncomfortable, you should slow down with the physical contact. Too much physical contact can be off-putting if someone is not ready for it.

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