How to Show a Boy You Like Him



Be confident about showing interest.,
Show interest in his life.,
Pay for something when you’re out.,
Show him extra support.,
Tell him directly when you feel ready.

Many people feel they should be coy or standoffish with a boy they like. However, if a guy is interested in you as well, he will appreciate you being upfront. Also, people tend to be attracted to confidence. Approach him without hesitance.Make conversation with him whenever you can to demonstrate your feelings. For example, if you see him between class, walk up to him and say, “Hi.” Make conversation about things like school and homework.
Do not be afraid to text him if you have his number. He gave it to you for a reason, so don’t hesitate to send him a message when you feel like it.
Keep in mind that, if a guy does not like you, he may get frustrated if you give him too much extra affection. Pay attention to how he reacts. If he tends to pay attention to you in return, he may have feelings as well. If he seems disengaged, you may want to give him space and move on.

, If you want someone to feel like you like them, show them you want to get to know them. Make a point of asking him about what’s going on with him. Listen to what he says to convey genuine curiosity.Ask him about his life when you see him. Ask how his day is going or ask about something specific. For example, if you know he had a big test in physics, say something like, “How did your test go.”
Truly listen when he responds. Do not interrupt or talk over him. Instead, pay attention to what he’s saying while maintaining eye contact and nodding when appropriate.

, This is something small you can do to show you’re invested. If the two of you are out, say, getting coffee, paying for something can be a great way to show you want this to be a date. This can help the guy see your feelings. Pay for his movie tickets if you see a film or his espresso when you’re getting coffee.This can help make it clear a get-together is a date. Going out for coffee may seem friendly, but if you offer to pay the guy may get the message it’s a date.

, If you like a guy, you make this clear by becoming his personal cheerleader. Supporting someone’s success can show your investment in them. It’s a great way to make your feelings known.For example, if he plays a sport, show up to his game to cheer. You can even make a sign cheering him on specifically.
If he’s struggling in a class and does great on a test, be the first to congratulate him. Say something like, “I knew you would get a good grade. Awesome job!”

, It’s often best just to tell someone about your feelings. If the guy does not seem to be getting the hint via your actions, make a point of telling him directly. Even if he does not feel the same way, you will have closure and will be able to proceed one way or another.Make it simple. Wait until the two of you are alone. Say something like, “Can we talk about something?”
Be clear about your feelings. For example, say, “I just wanted you to know I have feelings for you. I thought it would be best just to put it out there.”
Remember, rejection hurts, but it happens to everyone. If he doesn’t feel the same way, take some time to grieve before you move on. There are many other people out there and you will find the right person eventually.

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