How to Sex Rhode Island Red Chicks



Check immediately.,
Pick up the chick.,
Evacuate the chick’s bowels.,
Lift the vent.,
Spread open the remainder of the vent.,
Check for the sex organ.,
Return the chick.

Vent sexing must be done within the first day or two after a chick hatches.

As the chick eats and grows, its lower digestive tract will distend, blocking the rudimentary sex organ from view. For that reason, you need to check before the chick has much opportunity to grow.;
, Use your non-dominant hand to carefully catch and hold the chick so that its underside faces you.

Ideally, you should be able to hold the neck of the chick in between your middle and ring fingers while holding the legs of the chick in between your ring finger and pinky.
Regardless of how you hold the chick, you must be able to keep it still and secure without applying too much pressure.

, Apply gentle pressure to the chick’s lower abdomen using the thumb of your non-dominant hand. Doing so should cause the intestinal tract to empty.

Keep things cleaner by evacuating the contents of the chick’s intestines into a disposable container.
As you squeeze, a small amount of feces should drop into the waste bin. Ridding the intestines of waste is necessary if you want to get a clear view of the vent.

, Carefully use your non-dominant thumb to press the edge of the chick’s vent up. Continue pressing until the interior border of the vent is directed and secured toward the neck.

The “vent” of a chick is the hole through which feces exit.
You need to work carefully since applying too much force can damage the chick’s intestines.

, Using the thumb and index finger of your dominant hand, fold down the other half of the vent to fully expose the interior of the chick.

You’ll need to fold the bottom half of the vent toward the chick’s abdomen. Hold it in place with a firm yet gentle pinch.

, Peer into the opened vent and look for the male sex organ. If you are unable to find it, the chick is likely female.The rudimentary male sex organ, formally called the “male process,” should look like a small, semi-transparent bulb. It is located within the second of three folds inside the vent cavity. Additionally, it should look separate from the surrounding tissue.
Female chicks, on the other hand, usually have a mild depression or swelling in the same area.
If your eyes are good enough, you might be able to do this using nothing but the naked eye. If you have difficulty seeing the interior vent in detail, though, you might need to use a wearable magnifier while checking.
Also note that approximately one out of every five male chicks are not clearly identifiable, usually because the male process of these chicks is more difficult to spot.

, As soon as you complete the check, release your grip on the vent and allow it to close again. You can then return the chick to an upright position and release it.

Work quickly since holding onto the chick for too long can cause more feces to drop.
Since this process can be difficult for novices to perform, you should consider getting professional training before attempting it.

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