How to Sex Rhode Island Red Chicks



Give it time.,
Look at the appearance of the developing chick.,
Watch the chick’s behavior.

If you aren’t in a rush to sex your chicks, you can wait until they grow enough to develop adult sex traits.

You should be able to notice adult traits within three to four weeks.Since many of the other sexing methods require you to act quickly, this is also a good option if you get the chicks well after the initial sexing window has passed.
This is also the easiest way to determine sex for beginners.

, The first trait you’ll likely notice will be the comb. Male chicks develop combs within three the six weeks.

Additionally, male chicks tend to develop feathers in patchy clusters, while female chicks develop feathers more evenly.
Male chicks also tend to produce more pointed tail feathers. Female chicks, on the other hand, generally have broad, rounded feathers.
Most male chicks also develop larger feet and thicker legs than the average female chick has. This trait can be difficult to spot in young chicks but becomes increasingly more obvious as the chicks continue to age.

, Male chicks demonstrate bolder, more aggressive behavior than most female chicks.

Male chicks can begin crowing within six weeks, but female chicks will only make soft clucking noises.
When startled, male chicks tend to stand their ground and give a sharp warning chirp. Females are more likely to scatter or crouch down.
Also remember that only females lay eggs. The timeline for egg laying will vary, but females can begin laying eggs within 16 to 24 weeks.

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