How to Sex Rhode Island Red Chicks



Check early.,
Hold the chick steady.,
Gently stretch the wing.,
Examine the feather size.,
Look at the color.,
Release the chick.

You should perform feather sexing within the first ten days of a chick’s life.

Feather development usually evens out by the tenth day regardless of gender, so beyond that point, you may not notice any difference in wing feather size or color.

, Pick up the chick with your non-dominant hand, keeping a firm yet gentle grip around it.

The exact placement of your fingers does not matter much, but you need access to at least one wing. You also need to make sure that you have a firm enough grip to prevent the chick from dropping as it moves.

, Carefully pinch the outer edge of the chick’s wing, lifting it away from the body in a natural direction.

You don’t need to extend the wing to its full length, but you need a complete view of the chick’s pinfeathers.

, In many cases, male chicks will have even rows of pinfeathers, while female chicks will have pinfeathers that alternate between long and short.

Feather size is only an accurate determination of sex if the chicks have been bred with this trait in mind. It is not an entirely accurate method, even though it does work with most chicks.

, Male chicks have a white spot on the down over the web of the wing, but female chicks do not have this spot.This spot may only be visible within the first few days. After the down is shed, it will disappear.
Since the size of the spot varies greatly, it might be difficult to see, leading to some inaccuracy.

, After checking the wing feathers, release the wing and return the chick to its proper place.

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