How to Sex a Hamster



Assess the size of the hamster.,
Look at the hamster’s underside, near where the tail is located.,
Examine your pet’s abdomen for nipples, and assess the area just under the tail.

Males are generally larger than females.If you don’t have another hamster to compare with, than this may not help you determine the sex of your hamster. However, if you have other hamsters, you can compare their sizes. While this is not a definitive test, it will give you a good idea whether your hamster is male or female.

When you look at an older male hamster from above, you may notice that his back end is more pointed and hiked-up, whereas female hamsters have a rounded bottom.

, Hamsters usually reach sexual maturity by around 35 days of age, and in adult hamsters, sex differences are often fairly easy to see.Males have prominent testicles that make their rumps bulge and take on an almond shape, while females have fairly blunt rear ends. , If you see testicles, it is male. If you do not see testicles and can see prominent nipples, it is female. Females have six prominent pairs of nipples.

In dwarf hamster species, the male also has a very prominent scent gland. In the mature male, this gland usually has a noticeable yellow color and is located in the umbilical area.This area is in the middle of the abdomen about where you would expect a belly button to be.
If you cannot tell whether you have a male or female hamster, the animal may not be sexually mature yet.

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