How to Sew a Cloak for Your Cat



Familiarize yourself with sewing.,
Measure your cat’s height from the top of his back to where you want the bottom of the cloak to be.,
Measure your cat’s length from the chest to back by the tail.,
Measure all the way around the cat’s neck.,
Using the piece of paper with the measurements as a “list”, go shopping and buy all the necessities.,
From the measurement around the cat’s neck, draw a circle on paper to represent the neck.,
Cut out the bottom right quarter of the circle (mentioned above) like in a pie diagram.,
Lay out the fabric folded in half horizontally.,
Cut around the paper (on the fabric) as if it were a pattern.,
Using a sewing machine, sew seams 1/4″ (0.63cm) on the main piece of fabric.,
Clip the safety pin onto the edge of the elastic and thread this through the space in-between the seam of the neck.

Secure the outfit onto your cat and tie the elastic together.

This is important, as to sew this cloak correctly, you’ll need how to do basic sewing.;
, Double this and add 1/2″ to the height for sewing seams and the width of the cat’s back. Write down the outcome as “length” on a piece of paper.

, Double this and add 1/2″ (1.27cm) to the length for sewing seams. Write down the new measurement on the same sheet of paper as “width”.

, Add 2″ (5cm) to the measurement. Whatever the measurement outcome is, that’s how much elastic you’ll need. You’ll also need to write the measurement down to avoid forgetting it. You’ll also need to allow enough additional elastic to make ties for the elastic, so it’s better to get too much than too little. If you have a piece exactly that size, stitch non-elastic grosgrain ribbon or seam binding ties to the ends.

, Double check the list before you leave the store to ensure all of the supplies.

The height x length is the amount of fabric you’ll need.

, It’s better for the coat to be a bit loose than too small.

, You’ll need this in the upcoming step.

, If it’s wrinkled, then iron it. Pin the 1/4 of a circle onto the top left corner.

, Try to make is as smooth a quarter circle as ever.

, When you reach the neck area, do a 1/2″ (1.27cm) seam and don’t sew directly next to the edge of the fold; instead try to sew next to the edge, but not too close or the stitching will come out. If you use a zigzag stitch, you can go right to the edge and the width of the stitch inwards – this is very secure and prevents unraveling.

,, Enjoy!

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