How to Sew a Catnip Mouse



Fold the felt square in half.,
Draw half a heart on the square using the chalk.,
Cut along the line.,
Fold the heart again and begin to sew up the edges, starting at the point, using a blanket stitch or whip stitch.

When you are 2/3 done, stuff the mouse with the dried catnip.

Finish sewing, so that the mouse is a little bag.,
Use the fabric paint to add eyes and whiskers, if desired.

, The wide section of the heart should touch the outer edge of the felt, and the tip should touch the bottom end of the felt, right on the fold.

, When you unfold the felt, you should have a heart shape.

,,, When you put in the last stitches, sew in the heavy twine to make a “tail”.

, Let dry.

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