How to Set Up an Outdoor Bird Feeder for Indoor Cats



Select a type of bird feeder to hang.,
Find a window to hang the feeder in front of.,
Secure the window and the screen.,
Hang a bird silhouette or reflector in the window.,
Install a ground feeder.,
Set up a hanging feeder.,
Hang up a window feeder.,
Purchase bird seed for the feeder.,
Refill the feeder regularly.,
Show the birds to your cats.,
Position a piece of furniture near the window overlooking the bird feeder.,
Make sure your cats stay indoors.

The type of bird feeder you choose will depend on the location you plan to hang the feeder. There are three basic types of birdfeeders: ground, hanging, and window. To look at each type and make an informed decision, visit a local pet-supply store or birdwatching store, and speak with the sales staff.Ground feeders are planted in the ground and allow squirrels and chipmunks to access the food, in addition to birds.
Hanging feeders can be suspended from overhanging tree branches.
Window feeders attach to the wall of your house, outside of a window. This is probably the most practical type of feeder to use when hanging a feeder for your cats to watch.;
, When deciding where to hang the feeder, choose a location near a window that birds can access easily. Find a window that’s at least 10 feet (3 meters) off of the ground on the outside of the house, as this height will keep the feeder safe from squirrels, foxes, or outdoor cats.To make sure that your cats will be able to see and observe the bird feeder, it’s important that, inside the house, the window is accessible to your cats.
You should also make sure that this area is easy for you to access, because you will need to tend to the feeder regularly in order to refill and clean it.

, Once you’ve decided on a window to hang the birdfeeder in front of, make sure that the external window screen is secure and that the window itself closes tightly. By doing this, you’ll ensure that your cats won’t be able to press on the window and open it. Securing the screen will also ensure that birds won’t scratch or peck at it.Additionally, if you have children in the house, it would be wise to ask them not to open the window near the feeder. This will prevent birds from flying from the feeder directly into your house.

, When hanging an outdoor feeder, it’s a common problem for birds to fly into the window, mistaking the clear glass for open sky. To avoid this problem and spare birds’ lives, tape a bird-shaped silhouette on the window. This will deter birds from flying into the glass. Alternatively, you can hang a reflector to the outside surface of the glass; birds will see this and avoid flying into the window.Visit your local pet-supply shop, or a store dedicated to selling birdwatching products. Ask the sales staff what they recommend you put in your windows to prevent birds from flying into them.

, Although ground feeders come in a variety of models, most of them are attached to the top of a sturdy metal pole, which simply needs to be stabbed into the soil. Other models are made of wood or plastic and have a flat base or four legs, and can be placed on the ground. Set up your ground feeder on a flat patch of land near a window from which your cats can look out.

Be aware that, when feeding birds with a ground feeder, you’ll also attract a number of chipmunks, squirrels, and other small rodents.
If you don’t want to attract these types of animals, ask a sales person at your local pet supply store to recommend a type of feeder that deters rodents.

, This variety of feeder is composed of the hanging feeder and a rope attached to the top. You need to find a large overhanging branch that’s near enough to your house that your cats can see it from a window. Then, using a ladder, climb up to the branch and tie the rope securely around the branch. Make sure that your hanging feeder is suspended at least 5 feet (1.5 meters) off the ground, so squirrels cannot jump up to it.Use safety precautions when climbing a ladder to attach the tie-rope. Never lean a ladder against a weak or dead branch. Have a friend or family member hold the base of the ladder for stability.

, These feeders typically have 2 or 3 large suction cups attached to the back, which you can stick to your window. Attach the feeder by dampening the suction cups (this will make them more adhesive) and sticking them firmly to the glass of a window. Hang the feeder low on the window so cats can easily see it, but so that it won’t obstruct your own view.

If you need to use a ladder to access a second- or third-floor window, have someone stand below you and stabilize the legs of the ladder.

, Of course, to attract birds, you’ll need to fill the feeder with seeds. Most types of bird seed are blends of grains: they commonly include sunflower seeds and millet, which appeal to a variety of bird species. Once you’ve filled the feeder, birds may be slow to start coming at first. However, as more and more birds discover your feeder, it may become quite crowded.Speak with the sales staff at a birdwatching store, and ask which types of seed they recommend to attract various types of birds in your area.

, The frequency with which you refill the bird feeder depends on how quickly the birds empty it, and how often you’re willing to pay for seed. If you refill the seeder as soon as the birds finish the seed, you may find yourself replenishing the seed a couple of times each week.However, if you let the feeder stay empty for too long or refill it infrequently, fewer and fewer birds will come back to the feeder.

, Once birds start to come to your outdoor feeder, you’ll need to show your cats the feeder and the birds. The outdoor bird feeder won’t do your cats any good if the pets don’t know of the feeder’s existence or location. Pick up your cats and bring them to the window overlooking the bird feeder. If there are birds at the feeder, this should arouse your cats’ curiosity.

If your cats have already discovered the bird feeder and are curious about the birds, you may not need to show your cats the feeder.

, This will give your cats an easy access point from which they can observe the birds.Depending on the height of the windowsill, a relatively low piece of furniture should do, such as a chest-high bookshelf or a low dresser. If the cats are unable to leap up to the window, they won’t be able to observe the birds at the feeder.

Alternately, if the window which overlooks the bird feeder has a sill large enough for the cats to comfortably rest on, you may only need to position furniture so that the cats have easy access to the windowsill.
Move a chair or low table, so your cats can leap from that to the windowsill.

, Once your cats have found out about the bird feeder, they should enjoy regularly overlooking the birds and watching them fly and eat. However, your cats may also try to escape and run out to the feeder, where they will likely try to catch the birds. To prevent this, make sure that your cats don’t run outside.

Be careful when opening doors that lead outside, especially with your cats nearby.
You can use your feet or body to block the door when you’re walking outside, or set up a gate across the opening of the door when you exit.

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