How to Set Up a Chicken Coop



Replace the bedding every two weeks.,
Clean the drinkers and feeders.,
Scrub down the nesting boxes and perches.,
Secure the coop every night.,
Do a whole-coop secure check monthly.

No matter how absorbent the bedding, it will not last forever. Waste will pile up so you will need to chuck the bedding and nesting materials and then replace them with fresh bedding/nesting materials.

, The drinkers and feeders should be cleaned thoroughly every two weeks whilst they should be refilled daily to ensure that they are clean and fresh.

, These two should be scrubbed down every to weeks or less. Waste can pile up otherwise, which is bad for the chickens.

, The chickens should be rounded up inside and shut in. Lock the doors and nesting box access so that no predators can sneakily make their way in.

, This is different from securing the coop every night. You’re looking for holes in the coop and run, weak wood wearing away, pest infestation (such as mites, mice or termites), digging signs around the coop, etc.

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