How to Separate a Guinea Pig for Feeding



Ensure that bullying is the cause of weight loss.,
Set up the cage to optimise feeding opportunities.,
Set up a separate, smaller cage to accommodate feeding.,
Prepare the vegetables.,
Take the food to the cage.,
Separate the chosen cavy.,
Put in foods.,
Go away.,
Check on the cage.,
Return the guinea pig to the main cage.

If your guinea pig is losing weight, it’s imperative that they see a vet. Unless you’ve actually seen other guinea pigs blocking them from food and you’re certain this is the only cause of loss, get them checked by a vet to ensure there are no other problems.

If the pecking order has changed, and there is another bottom pig, the previous lightest cavy may begin gaining weight while the new bottom pig loses.;
, If the guinea pig is being bullied at veggie time, chances are it’s happening with hay, pellets and even water too.

Have the same number of bowls, hay racks and bottles as guinea pigs – even if bullying is terrible, each pig can only hog one at once.
Space these evenly around the cage (eg. in opposite corners) to that cavies cannot block access to all of them at once.

, It’s awfully inconvenient to do this with any kind of temporary enclosure, because you’re going to have to set it up every single day (or twice a day if you feed vegetables mornings and evenings). Put this cage near to the main cage, so that they’re still within earshot of the other guinea pigs.

If you’re only separating them for a short time, such as 20-30 minutes, you can have a small cage with bedding and a bowl for vegetables.
If the separation is longer, they will also need a water bottle and possibly a larger cage.
Add any other needs such as pellets and hay if you’re also separating for equal access to those.

, It’s easier to put separate vegetables on a smaller plate when you’re preparing them, rather than trying to divide it all up at the cage.

If the guinea pig’s access to veggies has been severely restricted, their main problem will be vitamin C deficiency, so focus on high vitamin C foods like capsicum (bell peppers).
The guinea pig will likely be nervous at being put in a separate cage, so include some of their favourite food to entice them to start eating.
Now is a good time to review How to Feed a Guinea Pig, to make sure you’re giving them a good diet.

, It’s good to get all guinea pigs interested in dinner before you separate, so give them a good look at the food and perhaps a tidbit each now.

, As gently as possible, remove the guinea pig from the cage and place her in the separate cage.

, Place vegetables and/or hay and pellets into each cage.

, Leave the guinea pigs for a while unless they are very comfortable eating around you.

, When you return, check what the separated guinea pig has not eaten. You can also check their cage for poops at this stage, to ensure their digestion is working normally.

If the guinea pig has been in the cage for half an hour, they should have gone to the bathroom at least once in this time.

, There may be a small amount of rumbling among the cavies when they are reunited.

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