How to Sell Quail



Care for your quail properly.,
Get to know your quail.,
Choose which quails you wish to keep and which quails you wish to sell.,
Set a price for your quail.

The last thing you want to do is sell poor, weak or scruffy quail otherwise they won’t sell.

Keep your quail on a well-balanced diet. Quail should be fed a feed with about 22% protein, a game bird feed is the best to go for and can be found in local pet shops and feed stores. You should also supplement your quails diet with calcium for strong eggs and grit to grind down food and always provide fresh, clean water.
House your quail in a suitable way. Your quail should have 1 square foot of floor space each and males shouldn’t be housed together. It’s also important not to house too much quail together and never isolate a quail as they are social birds.
Keep your quail healthy. Check the quail daily for parasites, wounds, diseases, etc. You should also keep them stress-free by keeping predators away and getting rid of disturbances.
Clean the cage daily. A clean cage can prevent parasites and diseases in quail, it can also keep the quail tidy. Clean the cage at least once a week to keep the quail happy and healthy.;
, When selling your quail to people you will want to answer all their questions and tell them about the quail such as whether one is quite aggressive, one will chase the other one or two of the quail dislike corn as a treat.

Inform your buyers on quail and tell them all about caring for quail such as what they must eat, what can be used as their home, how to identify illness, providing the right equipment and some extra information on breeding and chicks. If you don’t know much about quail just give the buyers some advice or research on quail.

, You might want to keep the best egg layers, the tamest or perhaps the quail with the prettiest feathers. However, you don’t want to sell ill, injured or plucked quail, keep that in mind.

, Unlike most birds quail are very cheap and the price differs on the breed, colour, age, sex and quality of the quail. Do some researching online to find out how much quail sell for in your area.

Male quail should be set at a lower price than female quail since males are hard to house together, crow more than females and don’t lay eggs. The most common reason for someone purchasing a male is for breeding and fertilizing the eggs.
The price of your quail can be set higher if there aren’t many quail selling in your area. Some people can be desperate to find quail in their area just because their quail needs a mate, they want a supply of quail eggs or they want to breed their quail. It’s a supply and demand situation.
Different breeds of quail can be set at different costs. E.g. Coturnix quail can be sold for more money because they lay bigger eggs and have more meat on them whilst button quail have little meat on them and their eggs are too small to be eaten.

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