How to Sell Quail



Ask other people if they are interested in buying some quail.,
Tell them how to look after quail.,
Offer some or all of your equipment to go with the quail.

You should ask relatives, friends, neighbours or even a nearby bird breeder.

, If someone’s going to buy your quail, they’ll want to know how to take care of them. Tell them what they eat, their type of housing, when they need to be cleaned up, how many space they need, and also tell them any extra information such as their behaviours or how many eggs they lay.

Along with this, also warn them about anything dangerous to quail such as predators, disease, fighting, temperatures, etc.

, If the buyers aren’t so keen, offer to give them all the equipment they need to look after quail. If you’re short of money, mention that you’re selling their equipment as well. You can even lower the price of the equipment if you need to.

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