How to Sell Quail



Sign up to a site which allows you to advertise your quail.,
Add a title if needed.,
Provide a picture of your quail.,
Provide a description and a way for buyers to contact you.,
Set the price of your quail.

Online sites such as craigslist or gumtree will allow you to advertise your quail and let buyers know that you are selling them.

, The title of your advertisement should be relevant and could also include the breed, age and sex of your quail such as ‘Female Japanese quail for sale’.

, Try to take a decent picture on a decent camera, the better the picture the more buyers it attracts. If you can, post some extra pictures of your quail. The pictures can be of your quail together, individually or of you holding them up to show.

, Your description should include the breed, age, colour, sex and any extra information of your quail but keep it short and simple. Additionally, you should add your email or phone number so that the buyers can contact you.

, If you’re looking for more money, be bold and set your price a little higher but if there is other quail sellers than just you consider lowering your price. You can also say that your price is negotiable in your description which might attract buyers.

Males should be set at a lower price than females and chicks should cost less than fully grown quail. The same goes if your quail have any problems with their appearance such as if they have plucked feathers or if they have an old wound.

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