How to Seem Less Creepy in Front of Your Crush



Look for signs that indicate your crush isn’t reciprocating interest.,
Stop staring at your crush.,
Avoid facing your entire body directly toward your crush.,
Stop acting overly serious around your crush.,
Spend time with your crush in moderation without being too clingy.,
Avoid being overly direct about your feelings toward your crush.,
Appear relaxed in front of your crush whenever possible.,
Avoid touching your crush inappropriately at the wrong moments.,
Deliver a sincere apology to your crush if you suspect you’re being too creepy.,
Determine whether your physical appearance is making you seem creepy to your crush.,
Avoid stalking your crush to arrange “accidental” meetings.

Hanging around your crush can make you look creepy if he or she gives obvious signals they’re not interested. Examples of signs that convey lack of interest are delayed responses, failure to make eye contact, and crossed arms., Staring can seem aggressive and predatory, and make your crush feel scared or uncomfortable in your presence. Try to casually glance over at your crush from time to time, or admire him or her using your peripheral vision.

Try smiling or winking when you do make eye contact with your crush. These are common ways to flirt with your crush from afar using eye contact.

, Facing your eyes, torso, and feet toward a person can make him or her feel cornered and uncomfortable, especially when the interest isn’t mutual. Instead, face your body in a slightly different direction so your full attention isn’t centered on your crush., Constantly frowning and maintaining a serious expression can make you appear too intense and creepy, while smiling and laughing are more effective at lighting up the mood and making your interaction seem more friendly and casual., Hanging around your crush at every possible moment can make you appear needy, clingy, and creepy as a result, especially if you’ve just met. Instead, say hello to your crush when you cross paths or make definitive plans to spend time together.

, While it’s important to be honest and upfront about your feelings toward your crush to prevent misunderstanding, sometimes being overly direct can scare him or her away, depending on how you present your feelings. For example, inform your crush that you’re interested in getting to know them better, rather than professing your love and intentions to marry and bear their children.

, Feelings of nervousness and fear around your crush can lead to trembling, sweating, a shaky voice, and other signs that could make your crush feel awkward and uncomfortable in your presence.Practice deep breathing, smile, and laugh to help yourself stay calm when spending time with your crush.

, While you may constantly look for opportunities to make physical contact with your crush, touching him or her at the wrong moments or too soon after meeting can make you seem creepy and predatory. Try to maintain a respectable physical distance and avoid seizing moments to touch your crush whenever given the chance.

, This is helpful if he or she misinterprets your intentions and avoids spending time around you as a result. For example, apologize for staring at your crush, and explain that you allowed your gaze to linger because he or she looked especially attractive on that particular day., Poor hygiene, ill-fitting clothes, and clothing with derogatory logos and sayings are examples of things that could make you seem insensitive, scary, and creepy from a physical standpoint.

Improve physical hygiene if necessary, and avoid wearing clothing that offends your crush. For example, if your crush openly announces his or her distaste for gun laws, avoid wearing t-shirts that advertise your views on pro-gun laws.

, Showing up at your crush’s favorite hangouts or place of work can seem creepy, especially if you run into him or her repeatedly on more than one occasion. Keep a fair distance, and avoid going out of your way to run into them during staged meetings.

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