How to Say No to a Boy



Tell the truth.,
Thank him.,
Be clear, but not hurtful.,
Follow his lead.,
If he keeps insisting, tell him things aren’t going very well at school or work and the last thing you need is a boyfriend on your mind.

If you’re going out with someone currently and a guy asks you out, just politely say “No thank you, I’m already dating someone.” .;
, If you’re not dating someone and a boy asks you out whom you’re not interested in, tell him you’re very grateful that he asked, but you’re just not interested right now.

, If he is not your type, be nice and say you don’t feel a strong connection with him. Liking someone for looks is a type of connection, so don’t flat-out say that you don’t want to date him because he’s ugly. Even though sometimes it’s hard to refrain from being brutally honest.

, If a guy gives you a note, talk to him in person or give him your note reply in person. If he calls you on the phone, don’t be afraid to speak to him. The worse thing that you can possibly do is send a message through someone else, it may lead him to feel embarrassed, and next thing you know you’re having odd run-ins around the neighborhood with unnamed person.

, Hopefully he isn’t too persistent

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