How to Say Bye to Your Holiday Boyfriend



Make sure you are not already having a huge fight over the end of the holiday season or that you have led him up the garden path about your intentions.,
Find a private area where you can talk and not create a scene.,
Simply sit down and let him know how you feel.,
Listen to what he has to say.,
Leave on good terms.

This will just leave a bitter taste in your mouth and is not a great way to end something that was good while it lasted.;
, Both of you liked each other a lot, or you wouldn’t have become involved, right? So, be thoughtful and make the break somewhere secluded and pleasant. Try to pick somewhere you can share a local dish, favorite drink or other pleasant memory. And don’t forget to pay for it.

, Tell him that the fling was fun but that living in completely different places doesn’t bode well for your future relationship and that you are dreadful at keeping in touch. Tell him that you really enjoyed the time together but that it was only a “holiday thing” and that it would be unkind to pretend it can continue back in everyday life.

, Hear him out. It may well be that he feels the exact same way as you. If not, let him express his sorrow and be kind to him. It doesn’t hurt to ask him to Try to be realistic about the whole situation and to let him know how great he was and that you’re sure jealous of his next girlfriend.

, There’s no harm swapping addresses if you want to. Maybe someday you’ll cross paths again. And as time passes, it can be good to have a friend in another part of your country or even the world to drop in on and borrow a couch for a night or two!

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