How to Ride an Icelandic Horse



Note the slightly smaller size.,
Enjoy his spirited personality.,
Look out for the mane and coat.

To really appreciate how special Icelandic horses are, it’s a good idea to think about all their unique characteristics. The first one you will notice is their relatively small stature. They are generally smaller than other breeds, weighing between 330 and 380 kilos, or 703 and 840 pounds.

The average height for an Icelandic horse is between 132 and 142cm, or 52-56 inches., Icelandics are great companions, not least because of their tendency for spirited temperaments and big bold personalities.Although Icelandics can be very spirited and even stubborn, they generally combine this with real friendliness and an affinity for people. They are typically bred as riding and working horses for farmers in Iceland, and as such, they make great family horses.

They have no natural predators in Iceland, so they have become quite laid back characters.
You can of course still get lots of variety across individual horses, who each have their own personalities.The disposition and strength of Icelandics make them great horses for long treks and trails.

, Icelandic horses can be recognised quite easily by their long flowing manes. The manes and tales of Icelandics are thick all year round, and are never cut or plaited.Their coats come in almost every colour, and in winter they develop fluffier double coats to protect them from the cold.They shed their winter coats in the Spring and become sleek like other breeds.

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