How to Ride a Llama



Have someone else soothe the llama and hold the reins.,
Put your hands at the withers (where the neck meets the body).,
Steady your position.

You can now get on the llama.

It is important that the llama is calm before you get on the saddle.
If a llama becomes alarmed and fidgets while you are getting on, you can get injured.
Having someone else settle the llama while you are mounting the pack saddle can help.;
, Hoist yourself up onto the animal.

Swing your leg over the top of the llama to settle onto the pack saddle.
If you are too short to get onto the llama, try using a footstool for leverage.
Make sure you are secure in the saddle. If you aren’t comfortable, adjust your position.

, Your back should be straight and you should be firmly mounted on the llama.

You want to have a comfortable and steady seat to avoid falling off or injuring yourself during the ride.
Make sure you can comfortably nudge the animal with your heels before you get going.
Make sure you can comfortably reach the reins without straining your arms or back.

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