How to Rest



Think about rest before and after you do it.,
Stay away from electronics when you’re trying to rest, particularly at night.,
Switch up your bedtime routine.

It’s not easy to go from moving full speed all day to relaxation. You have to ease into it, and thinking about how you might like to relax can be a helpful tool. Take a second to think about when you are going to be in bed, what it will be like to be in bed. Basically, try to look forward to it! This will make hopping in bed feel very rewarding and you will fall asleep much quicker.

, A lot of electronics emit a light that tell your brain that it is daytime out, which can really mess with your sleep cycle and your ability to get some shuteye. If you’re having trouble feeling well rested, electronics might be a part of the problem. Using your laptop in the living room and then leaving it out there is a great way to separate your sleeping arrangement from electronics. The same goes for your cell phone.

, Nightly rituals can help, but establishing a healthy routine is one of the best ways to fall asleep quicker and rest more easily. Try to avoid eating a snack right before going to bed or drinking caffeinated tea. Instead, set a positive daily cycle that puts you in bed at a similar time each night and without any sugar or caffeine intake too close to that time.

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