How to Respond to Your Crush Asking You if You Like Her



Pay attention to her tone of voice and body language.,
Do not assume too much.,
Think about whether she is already seeing someone.,
Think about whether she can date.

Consider why she is asking. If you have an idea about how she feels, it will help you have a more productive conversation with her. We communicate mainly through our tone of voice and body language, so try to understand what is going on using these signals.If she is raising her eyebrows, she might be uncomfortable. This might mean that she does not want you to like her. If she is mirroring your body language, then you are probably connecting. Perhaps she hopes that you like her back or she feels connected to you and wants you to know that she doesn’t want the same thing. If she is making lots of eye contact, this shows interest. But it could go both ways, she could be interested in knowing how you feel because you are close and she doesn’t want to hurt you, or because she likes you. A group of gestures together shows that she feels connected to you. For example, if she is smiling, she has her head titled to the side, and she is holding or touching her face at the same time, this could mean that she does like you. However, always believe what she says over any of the signals you get. Crossed legs and arms may mean that she is trying to stay closed off to you. This might mean that she is anxious or resistant to your feelings. ;
, Once you have considered how she feels and evaluated her body language, you do not have to over think her feelings for you. The truth is that you do not know for sure how she feels. And you will not know until you have asked her straight out how she feels. And believe what she says over the other signals you feel like you may be getting.

Do not feel bad about what you think she feels or thinks. This is not going to help you stay confident, and it is also probably not accurate.

, This will help you to know how to talk to her. If she has a crush on someone else or is with someone else, you will want to approach this conversation differently. You would know because you may have heard other people talk about it, or she may talk about it herself.

If you do know she is with someone else, acknowledge it at the start of the conversation. You will need to say that you do not want to step on her relationship. Stay a little more reserved or distant in your conversation, while still remaining honest.
You can ask her, do you want me to tell you about my feelings? Sometimes when a person asks a question they are not interested in hearing a sincere answer. For example, in this instance she may be trying to point out that you are acting like you like her. Being honest and straightforward in your question “do you want me to be honest?” will be the best way to deal with this possibility.
Stay further away from her physically and emotionally if she is with someone. Getting close to her or being very open and honest might make her feel uncomfortable. You will want to keep your distance.

, Do you know whether she is allowed to date? Some people may be interested in dating but have parents who are strict about dating rules. If you know that she isn’t allowed to date, you may want to acknowledge this fact in the conversation. Try to make her feel comfortable if she seems worried about her parents. Tell her that you do not want to step on her relationship with her parents.

In this case you may not need to tell her that you have a crush on her. You can simply acknowledge that she is not allowed to date.
Keep your distance physically to help her feel comfortable.

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