How to Respond to Your Crush Asking You if You Like Her



Ask her if you two can talk somewhere.,
Ask her where she would be comfortable having the conversation.,
Look her in the eye and say “Yes, I do have a crush on you.” Once you have had a minute and you are situated you can own how you feel, and be confident.,
Ask her how she feels.,
Respond with honesty and kindness.,
Talk about what you should do about your feelings.,
Follow up with her about the conversation later.

If you feel like she genuinely wants to know how you feel, you may want to have this conversation somewhere quiet. Think about going to a place where you can talk uninterrupted. You want to have this conversation in a space where you are comfortable to talk about how you feel openly.


This can be a great opportunity to show her how cool you are regardless of why she is asking. If you can tell her how you feel and remain cool, calm, and collected, she will respect you all the more.
Going on a walk can be a good option for a conversation like this. Walking can take away some of the awkwardness involved in the conversation. Walking is great because you are moving, not sitting and looking at each other.
Going to a restaurant or coffee shop can also work if it is not busy. If you can find a secluded table to sit at or a table outside, this can be ideal.
Go to a park. Sit on the swings or find a bench where the two of you can talk.

, In order to show her that you respect her space and boundaries, ask her to decide where you should go. If she does not have a preference, then you can suggest places to go.


Be careful not to try to force her to feel the same way. Say that you like her in a way that is free of further implication. Free of implication means that you are not communicating a different message through your body language or tone.

For example, do not look very intently at her in a way that asks her to like you back. Or do not lean forward into her space unless you know that she likes you.
You could ask her how she feels before you say anything. However, it is more attractive and confident if you own how you feel and speak first.

, She has asked you about your crush on her, and you can absolutely ask why she wants to know. Simply ask “why are you asking?” Do not assume that you know why she is asking.

Once again, keep your tone and body language free of implication. Do not suggest that you know why she is asking with a flirty or accusing tone.
Focus fully on what she is saying. Show interest, nod, smile and communicate that you understand through your body language and noises. Try not to interrupt her. Let her speak her piece. You can ask for clarification later. Give her feedback about what she said. You can say “so what I hear you say is …”. This will let her know that you really listened and that you want to understand her. Do not be judgmental about what she is saying. This is how she feels and although it may involve you, do not take her feelings personally. Read on to the next method for more on not taking it personally.

, If she likes you back, you can tell her “I’m so excited that you like me too!” If she does not like you back, you can tell her honestly “I’m sad that you do not like me, but I appreciate that you told me.”

You can also thank her for being brave enough to bring up the conversation.
If she does not like you, do not make her feel bad for not liking you. Even if you honestly feel like she should like you, it is not your place to tell her that or make her feel that way.

, If she doesn’t feel the same way, you might want to ask her if she still wants to be friends. If you do not feel like you two can be friends, ask if you can have space. If she does like you, ask her whether she would like to start dating.

Try not to assume what will happen between you two if she says she has a crush on you, too. Instead, communicate with her how she feels about dating.
If you want to start dating, ask her about what dating means to her and explain what dating means to you. You want to make sure that you are talking about the same thing. You may also want to discuss relationship expectations you have and ask her about her’s. This may be a full conversation in itself, and one you come back to periodically.

, Because it can be an awkward conversation, you may want to avoid talking about it. However, embrace the awkwardness and be confident. If you are still friends but she does not like you, you can simply tell her “thanks for having that conversation with me; I appreciated it.”

You can also follow up over text message, but keep it brief. Do not try to change her mind, instead, acknowledge the conversation and then move on.

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