How to Replace Sugar with Fruit



Do a bit of trial and error.,
Lower the amount of liquid included.,
Monitor the baking time.,
Expect some veggies to add a bit of sweetness, too.,
Accentuate sweetness in other ways.

Cooking or baking with a fruit replacement is not an exact science. Be prepared to experiment a bit with new flavor and texture combinations. Give yourself extra preparation time to get the fruit ready to add in, too. You might also ask your friends if they have any tried and true recipes using fruit as a sweetener.

, In many cases, you will need to adjust the other liquid elements in a recipe to accommodate the addition of fruit. Fruit, even in a dry form, may release liquid into a recipe. The amount that you reduce depends on the final consistency that you desire.For example, in a dish using fruit concentrate you will likely need to reduce the addition of other liquids by at least 3 tablespoons.

, Similar to the liquid content, if you are baking, then your oven time and temp may need to be adjusted as well. Experiment with adding five minutes and five degrees to see if that changes the final product. Make sure to check any baked good regularly to determine doneness.

, It is possible to make a food too sweet. When you are deciding how much fruit to use, don’t forget to count in the natural sweetness of the vegetables in your recipe. Sweet potatoes, pumpkin, carrots, beets, and other vegetables all carry an undertone of sweetness. Pair them with a fruit that will draw this out without becoming overwhelming.For example, sweet potato and apple often complement one another and go well together in various dishes.

, To elevate the sweetness of a dish, try adding spices into the mixture. Cinnamon and vanilla, in particular, will bring out the natural sweetness in almost any food. You can also try to place sweet elements in a place where they will be tasted immediately, such as on top of a muffin instead of baked inside of it.

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