How to Replace Sugar with Fruit



Go with ripe fruits.,
Pick a fruit that complements the recipe.,
Use dates or figs.,
Use bananas.,
Go with a more unusual fruit.

Fruits that have fully ripened are at their maximum sweetness potential. Their natural sugar content has increased with the ripening process, making them great candidates for a refined sugar replacement. Unripe fruits may be too bitter in taste to provide a seamless substitute.To find out how to determine when a fruit is ripe, go online and do a bit of research regarding particular fruits of interest. A banana, for example, loses its green tinting while ripening.

, Not all fruits will work well when added to other foods. If you are baking, give the batter a quick taste. Follow this with a quick sampling of your fruit to determine if the flavors mesh together well. Keep experimenting until you find a combination that works.In carrot cake, for example, the sweetness of crushed pineapple can bring out the natural sweetness in the carrots even more.

, Dates and figs are great sugar substitutes, not only due to their naturally sweet flavor, but also because they are very good for you! Each one contains an array of useful minerals, such as iron and calcium.Make a puree by boiling down the figs or dates in a saucepan and then blending them in a food processor until smooth. You can then mix this puree directly into baked recipes or pour it as a sauce over non-sweet foods.

Figs can be rather dry, so make sure to either boil them or soak them in water prior to blending.
A date or fig puree can usually be used as a direct one-to-one substitute for sugar in a recipe. Use one cup of puree for every one cup of sugar, for example.You can even make a date vinaigrette dressing by pulsing dates, lemon juice, apple cider vinegar, salt, and extra virgin olive oil with a food processor., This is probably one of the easiest substitute preparations. You can mash a ripe banana until it reaches the consistency that you need. Or, you can mix it in a food processor with a bit of cinnamon or other spices. Usually a banana puree can be used in a baked recipe with a one-to-one ratio.When you are making a banana puree, you may need to add a few teaspoons of water to the mixture for consistency.

, Don’t be afraid to expand your palette and try new fruit substitutes. Melons are often overlooked, but they can make some of the best additions. The monk fruit, in particular, has gained a great deal of attention lately due to its natural sugar content. Look for monk fruit granule sweeteners in your grocery.

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