How to Relax when You Are Sick



Acknowledge that you are too sick to perform your normal functions.,
Call a friend or family member.,
Give detailed instructions.

We all have different thresholds for functioning while sick. You are allowed to let yourself feel bad and rely on your support system. If you have children or other important responsibilities that can’t be missed, delegate them to people you trust., Being sick can make you lonely and temporarily stop your social life. While it’s good to take time for yourself, realize when you need support and who best can fulfill this need.Specifically, calling your mom can bring you the feeling of ease that only she can bring. Remember when she used to bring you chicken soup when you were young?

, Whether you’re asking someone to help with your kids or a co-worker to take over a presentation, be as detailed as possible. Write down all pertinent information and ask them to repeat it so you know that they’ve understood.

Utilize a checklist to help keep track of every detail needed to be done.

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