How to Relax when You Are Sick



Put your favorite pajamas on.,
Stay warm.,
Pile up your pillows.

Get comfortable and get into soft fabrics. Whether you prefer a cotton tee or a fluffy robe, soft materials will help you relax. Also, choose fabrics that will keep you warm but won’t let you overheat.

Fleece is great to keep you insulated while whisking away moisture., Cuddle up under your favorite blanket for that extra layer of warmth and comfort. Shivering weakens the immune system and our extremities are the first to feel the cold. Cover up your hands and feet under your comfiest blanket.You can also use fluffy socks, gloves, and a hat but this may seem excessive when indoors.

, Pillows are a great way to relax because they are soft and comforting. Use as many as you need to make you feel comfortable and relaxed. Choosing the right pillow can help you get a better sleep and recover from your cold faster.Pillows can be chosen based on material and the position in which you sleep.
Pillows can also help to elevate your head and reduce nasal congestion as well.

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