How to Referee Two Irritable Cats That Don’t Get Along



Desex your cats.,
Introduce new cats slowly.,
Sidetrack the cats from their aggression.,
Use pheromones.

This is especially important to control the behavior of male cats. Neutered male cats tend to have less problems with aggression and spraying, which is a sign of being territorial.Desexing your cats will not always solve the problem. However, without the hormones that cause the sex drive, castrated male cats are less likely to get in conflict with other males and harass females.;
, Adding a new cat to your home can lead to conflict. You need to make introductions very slowly, isolating the new cat away from existing cats for several weeks. Let the cats smell each other under a door but don’t let them see each other right away.Once the cats are used to the smell of each other, then you can let them see each other. Gradually let them spend more and more time with each other, but don’t leave them alone together until you are certain they get along.

, If the aggression between your cats is relatively mild, you may be able to sidetrack them from fighting. Try putting a bit of tuna fish juice on the coat of one of the cats where she cannot clean it off herself. Your other cat may be lured in by the desire to taste the tuna and to clean the other cat’s coat., There are special pheromones that can be used to ease aggressive behavior in cats. These pheromones, airborne chemicals signals, reduce stress and anxiety, which in turn reduces aggression.Pheromones created to ease problem behavior in cats can be found in most pet stores or online.
Pheromones for cats can be given in several ways. There are sprays, diffusers, and collars that expose the cat to the chemicals.

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