How to Referee Two Irritable Cats That Don’t Get Along



Keep new mothers and kittens away from other cats.,
Separate and then slowly reintroduce the cats.Some conflicts are short-lived.,
Separate the cats permanently.,
Consider rehoming one of your cats.

A new mother can be very protective of her babies and other cats around may stress her out. The safety of her babies is very important and she may fight to keep other cats from interacting with them.Once the kittens are weaned, the mother should calm down. Slowly allow her to rejoin the other cats in your household at that time.

, Your cats may just need a little cool down time. Put the fighting cats in separate rooms and force them to cool off. Give them space for a day or two and then gradually reintroduce them once again.

, There are some cats that just won’t get along. If this is the case, the best solution my be to keep them totally apart. Put food, water, and litter in separate areas.You want to allow the cats to live their lives without running into each other. This means that you need to provide separate food and water dishes, as well as separate litter boxes. It may also mean that you need to physically separate the cats, keeping at least one of them in a room or an area apart from the rest of the home.

, If you don’t live in a home where you can keep the cats separated, you may need to find a new home for one of them. This is a difficult decision to have to make but it will potentially make the lives of your cats, and your life, more tolerable.

Don’t simply give your cat to an animal rescue. They are over-crowded and your cat could end up being euthanized. Instead, find the cat a new home. Tell friends and coworkers that you are looking for a new home for your cat. You can even post it on social media and ask your friends to spread the word.

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