How to Referee Two Irritable Cats That Don’t Get Along



Stop fights before they start.,
Interrupt aggressive behavior.,
Provide plenty of resources.,
Reward good behavior.,
Contact an expert.

Keep a spray bottle full of water at arm’s reach. When one cat starts intimidating the other, just aim and spray several times. It may take a few sprays but eventually the intimidator should get the message and scram.

Your aggressive cat should learn that when you raise the bottle it is going to get sprayed. Eventually you should just have to do this to stop the behavior but that depends on you actually spraying the offending cat quite a few times.
“However, be aware the cat may associate the deterrent with you and not the other cat. At best, it might mean the cats behave when you’re there but fight when you’re gone. At worst, it could make the cat wary of you.

, Your cats will not work their problems out through fighting. In fact, letting them fight may make their relationship even worse. If your cats are fighting, stop them by making a loud noise of some sort, basically scaring them. Try to clap really loud or slam a door, anything that will catch them off guard.

Don’t try to get in the middle of a cat fight. You may get scratched or bitten in the process.

, Make sure each cat has his own food and water bowls, litter box, and safe hiding places. Competition for resources increases tension and can lead to fighting.

, If your cats are getting along, you should reinforce that behavior. Give them each a treat and a little affection, if they like that kind of thing. Make sure they both know that they get better treats and more affection if they get along, rather than if they are irritable and fight., An animal behaviorist or other expert may be able to find techniques to reduce feline aggression. You can also talk to your vet about techniques you can try, as well as ask for suggestions about behaviorists to contact.

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