How to Reduce Your Chemical Intake



Eat at least two fresh fruits (or vegetables) with each meal.,
Drink “real” beverages.,
Make sure your meat is locally grown.,
Stay away from fast food restaurants and also fried foods.,
Add a couple of whole foods to your diet, at least daily.,
Do not use food products that are lite, light, free, nonfat, etc.,
Be sure that your grains are 100%.,
Stop eating when you are full.,
Don’t use refined sugars.Refined sugar goes by many names; to include sugar, brown sugar, table sugar, etc. ,
Do not use refined oils.,
Eat at least one locally grown product with each meal.,
Don’t use any sweetener.,
Don’t eat any products with over five ingredients.

If at all possible, have organic. Do this with every meal. Be sure to wash it thoroughly.;
, These are ones like coffee, tea, milk, and water. Only sweeten them with natural products, like 100% honey or 100% maple syrup. Be sure that they are 100%. Otherwise, it is very likely that there is high fructose corn syrup in them.

, Also, reduce your intake. Meat is, quite often, processed. Reduce your exposure to chemicals by reducing your intake of meat. Grass fed is better than grain fed.

, Frying foods does some rather unpleasant things to the makeup of the food., This means that you are eating foods at their most basic. Basically, you are eating it as it was created., What they do when they create those foods is alter them chemically. Aspertame is a particularly nasty character.

, Anything less has very little, if any, nutritional valueWheat is one of the food items that has been seriously altered by scientists.

, Don’t put something in your mouth just because it looks good. Make sure you’re hungry. This will slow your consumption of snack foods which are, usually, highly adulterated.

,, Refined oils are oils that have been heavily modified. Oils, like extra virgin olive oil are minimally processed, and are created by pressing versus chemical extraction, Your local Farmer’s Market is a great place to find products like this.

, Even that seemingly harmless table sugar is most likely created from GMO altered sugar beets. It is also a good habit to cultivate in your life.

, Usually, any food that has a lot of ingredients, has been severely adulterated. If you can’t pronounce it, you shouldn’t eat it.

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