How to Reduce Water Retention



Get 20 minutes of physical exercise daily.,
Elevate your feet and legs.,
Take extra care to heed the diet, hydration, and lifestyle recommendations if you are a woman who experiences PMS.

Exercise is a necessary part of a healthy lifestyle and has shown to be helpful in controlling water retention.

Take a walk or go hiking with friends or family.
Ride a bike, go swimming, or go jogging.
Grab a basketball or baseball and glove and hit the courts or the field.
If you live close enough, ride your bike or walk instead of driving to work or to run errands. You would also be helping the environment by driving less. Just be sure to wear a helmet and abide traffic laws while biking.
If you have to clean the house, put on music and dance while you clean. You would be surprised all the ways there are to exercise!, Standing for too many hours or sitting all day with your feet on the floor may cause fluids to drain into your feet and legs, which causes swelling.

Lie down or sit with your feet elevated when resting and taking breaks.
While lying down, have your feet elevated at least 12 inches above your heart level. You can put them on top of a stack of pillows or blankets., Often women who experience PMS crave extra salt and sugar. Try not to give into these cravings especially if you are someone who experiences severe cramping and bloating during the 1-2 weeks before your period. Regular exercise is also known to help women experience less PMS symptoms.

If you are following all of the diet and lifestyle recommendations but still experience extreme monthly cramping and bloating, discuss this with your gynecologist. You may have another nutrient deficiency or gynecological problem that he or she can help you with.

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