How to Reduce Salmonella Risk when Raising Backyard Chickens



Wash your hands after handling chickens and supplies.,
Minimize touching your chickens.,
Do not eat or drink near your birds.,
Keep your chickens outside.,
Do not let young children handle chickens.

This can help you get rid of any bacteria that may cause salmonella. It is vital that you wash your hands each and every time you come into physical contact with chickens or their supplies.To wash your hands properly, wet them in running water and then lather them with soap. Make sure you target your whole hands, including between your fingers, under your fingernails, and the backs of your hands.Make sure to scrub your hands for 20 seconds. To help keep track of time, hum or sing the “Happy Birthday” song twice.
Rinse your hands when you’re done and make sure to clean them using a clean towel.;
, In general, the less you handle your chickens the less likely you’ll be to contact salmonella. Only handle your chickens when necessary, such as examining them when they’re wounded. You should avoid things like cuddling or kissing your birds.
If you do touch your chicken for whatever reason, do not touch your mouth afterwards until you’ve washed your hands.

, Your eating area and chicken coop should be strictly separate places. Eat indoors, away from your chickens, and do not bring beverages to drink near the chicken coop. If you do eat outside, do so far away from the chicken coop., If chickens are indoors, they can contaminate your home with bacteria that could cause salmonella. This is especially true if your chickens are anywhere near the kitchen. Do not allow chickens to come inside. Always raise chickens as strictly outdoor animals., Young children are more vulnerable to contracting salmonella. Children under the age of five should not have any contact with the chickens. Make sure to monitor young children at all times to keep them away from the chickens and the coop.Adults with weakened immune systems are as vulnerable to disease as young children, so anyone with a weak immune system should also stay away from the chickens.

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