How to Reduce Salmonella Risk when Raising Backyard Chickens



Shovel out the coop.,
Hose down the coop.,
Shovel again.,
Scrub down the coop.,
Rinse and dry the coop.

Cleaning your chicken coop regularly can prevent the build up of bacteria, lessening the likelihood of diseases like salmonella. This is why it’s important to clean your chicken coop regularly. The first step to cleaning a chicken coop is shoveling the coop.Wearing gloves, use a shovel to remove dirt, cobwebs, shavings, feathers, and droppings from the inside of the coop.
For best results, use a square shovel.

, Once you’ve shoveled out the coop, take a hose. Spray down the inside of the coop to remove dust and stuck on dirt and debris. Spray down the floors, walls, nesting boxes, and roosts., Oftentimes, the hose will dislodge stuck on dirt and debris from the chicken coop. If you notice any new materials in the coop, take your shovel and once again scoop out the coop. You do not want anything like old feathers, droppings, or cobwebs to remain in the coop after cleaning., In a bucket, mix equal parts white vinegar and water. Use a broom or brush to scrub down the whole coop. Make sure to get all areas of the coop, including nesting boxes, beds, lofts, and so on. Remove any dirt or grime while you scrub.Make sure you wear gloves during this process.

, Once you’ve scrubbed down the coop, use the hose again. Spray down the coop until you remove al vinegar residue. Allow the coop to air dry. Keep the doors and windows open to encourage sunlight to dry out the coop.

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