How to Recover from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome



Talk to a psychotherapist.,
Try Cognitive behavioral therapy.,
Go to physical therapy.,
Get massages.,
Get acupuncture treatments.

Talking to a psychologist can help you cope with the mental and emotional aspects of chronic fatigue syndrome. A psychologist can advise you on ways to structure your life around the symptoms that you face. This monitored guidance is meant to give you a sense of control over the disorder and leads to recovery., CBT helps you to identify and reverse beliefs and coping behaviors that perpetuate disability and hinder recovery. You will be exploring your beliefs about the illness and will be encouraged to gradually gain control and change behaviors from passivity and helplessness to active participation in recovery., Graded exercise therapy in combination with psychological behavioral therapy has been shown to be effective for patients who suffer from CFS.A physical therapist can give you different sets of exercises that will help you regain strength. Most sessions include light exercise like muscle movements or stretching. Sessions slowly increase in intensity as your body strengthens over time.Communicate with your therapist. Let them know how you feel after your sessions. If you feel extremely exhausted, you should reduce the rigor of your activities.

, Going for a massage may help ease any pains that you’ve developed as a result of CFS. It is unclear, however, if massage on its own can help you recover from CFS because the symptoms tend to vary from day to day., Acupuncture has been known to treat conditions and symptoms similar to those of CFS. People with CFS often have a compromised immune system and do not feel refreshed after a long night’s sleep. Acupuncture has been reported to improve sleep and has been shown to boost the immune system.

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