How to Recover from an Abortion



Avoid moderate to intense exercise for a week following abortion.,
Do not have sex or insert anything into the vagina for at least a week, or as long as your health care provider tells you to.

If you are experiencing nausea, your health care provider may prescribe anti-nausea medication.,
If you are losing lots of blood or are anemic, you’ll need to build up your blood.,
Rest as much as you can.,
Make yourself (or your loved one) comfortable with a heating pad or hot water bottle, pain pills (non-aspirin), flowers, candles, natural light, privacy, Aromatherapy, soothing and uplifting music, a box of tissues, and anything else that makes you feel completely at peace.

Have a friend, partner, or massage therapist gently massage the belly and low back with soothing oils.

Going for a walk, doing gentle yoga or pilates may help as soon as you feel you have the energy for it. Avoid doing inversions in yoga or anything that feels like a strain.

,, You may find that salty crackers, dry toast, ginger ale or ginger tea can soothe the nausea. Eat small, frequent, fresh meals, and avoid excessively fatty or sugary foods.

, Take iron supplements with meals and especially with something vitamin-C rich, such as orange juice or tomatoes. Vegetarians can eat iron-rich, blood-nourishing and fortifying foods, which include dried apricots and figs, dark leafy greens, beans (especially black beans), lentils, berries, beets, carob, eggs, goji berries, and any whole foods that you crave. Now is not a time for junk food or skimping on meals. You need your strength. See How to Follow Dietary Requirements for an Anemic

, Allow yourself to sleep 12 hours a night if that is what your body is asking for. You’re not lazy – you’re healing.

,, A whole body, back, or foot massage may also do wonders to soothe your nerves.

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