How to Recover from an Abortion



Meditate or pray.

Seek guidance.,
Get the lessons.,
Communicate your feelings.

, If you feel so moved, seek the guidance of mentors, counselors, or spiritual advisers you feel comfortable with within your own spiritual or religious tradition, or who are nonsectarian. Be careful to choose individuals who can treat you with compassion, not judgment. And remember that ultimately, you are your own best guide.

, Be open to receiving the message of the experience as a whole. What might this experience of being temporarily, unexpectedly pregnant have come here to show you? What life lessons did it bring up for you, or in your relationship? What parts of yourself do you know better now? What do you feel inspired to do with your life now that you did not before?

If you feel so moved, try communicating with the spirit of the aborted fetus – through prayer, spoken word, a written letter, art, music, or whatever medium comes naturally to you. You can tell it whatever you want to. Perhaps you are remorseful and want to apologize to it, to express your sorrow. Perhaps you want to wish that spirit a better home, a more ready parent. Perhaps you wish to tell it that you would love to be its parent when you are ready, but that’s just not now. Communicate whatever you need.

, You may wish to think about your reasons for not choosing parenthood at this time. What goals do you have that you wouldn’t be able to complete if you were to have to raise a child right now? Consider which of these goals are most meaningful to you. Can you nurture your efforts, or “brainchildren”, as you would your own child? This experience may bring to the fore “big picture” questions in your life, such as, “who am I? Where am I going? and, What is my purpose?” These are good questions to ask at any time. Welcome them, and be patient with the answers. Take time every day to meditate, pray, sing, journal, read self-help books, seek counsel, or do whatever it is that helps you discover your inner truth.

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