How to Recognize That You Have a Crush on Someone



Consider your behavior around the person you think you might have a crush on.,
Consider how you feel around your potential crush.,
Notice how you act around your friends and your crush.,
Decide whether or not you’re putting more effort into your appearance.

Paying attention to your physical behavior means noticing how you react instinctively when your crush is around. Different people will react differently, and generally it will be a subconscious reaction. Generally, when you have a crush you will react in one of two ways–either by becoming really shy and tongue-tied, or by becoming really outgoing.

The Shy Reaction: Do you suddenly feel like you might like to curl up into a ball when your crush is around? Do you blush incessantly and can’t seem to raise your eyes up from that suddenly very interesting speck of dirt on the ground? Do you suddenly feel like you don’t have anything witty or interesting to say? All of these reactions point towards having a crush.

The Outgoing Reaction: Do you suddenly feel the urge to tease your potential crush? When they are around, do you get the sudden urge to talk a lot because you want their attention? These are all symptoms of a crush as well. Just make sure that you don’t make your crush uncomfortable if you act this way–try not to tease them too much or they might not want to hang out with you.

The Flirty Reaction: Do you feel like you want your crush to notice what you are wearing or how your hair is done that day? Do you feel like giggling and joking around? Maybe you suddenly feel the urge to make sure you look as good as possible so that your crush will notice you. Batting your eyes, flipping your hair over your shoulder, and playing with your hair are all signs that you have a crush.

, The most common sign of having a crush is the feeling that you have a million butterflies flying around inside you when that special someone is around. It can also feel like your heart does a leap when you see your crush and you feel warm and giddy.

Do you suddenly feel nervous but excited at the same time? Maybe you feel like you want to hug that person or be with them all the time. These are all normal reactions to having a crush.
Do you feel like you would give up anything to be near that person?

, Having a crush can cause you to suddenly want to be the star of the conversation, or not talk at all when your crush is around. If you are talking with a group of friends and the person you think you might have a crush on walks up do you do the following things, what do you do?If so you have a crush, you will probably do one of the following:

Do you: suddenly feel like you need to be the center of attention? You might find yourself directing the conversation so that you can talk about something cool you did in an attempt to impress your crush. You may even talk over one of your friends so that your story can be heard. You might also try to make as much contact with your crush as possible, keeping their attention on you.
Do you: suddenly feel like you’re tongue-tied? Having a crush can sometimes make people feel embarrassed and like they don’t have anything to say. If you are normally talkative but suddenly clam up when that special person is around, you most likely have a crush.
Do you: feel like your friends sort of disappear when your crush walks up? You may be surrounded by people but suddenly all you can see is your crush. You might smile a lot, even if what your friends are talking about isn’t funny. If your friends asked you something, would you have a hard time paying attention to the question because you’re focused on that special person? These are all signs that you have a crush.

, A major sign of having a crush on someone is wanting to look nice around that person. Do you spend more time getting dressed in the morning? Have you bought new clothes you thought your crush might like? Do you spend an extra amount of time getting your hair or makeup just right, just in case you see your crush that day? If so, you most definitely have a crush.

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