How to Recognize Boils



Know the most common places where boils form.,
Examine the spot where you feel pain.,
Look for any signs of redness.,
Check to see if the spot feels hot.

More often than not, a boil will for on your face, neck, shoulders, armpits, or buttocks. A boil forms around an ingrown hair where the bacteria will multiply and infect the area., A boil in the early stages of its formation will hurt only when touched. If you notice that a small spot on your body is particularly tender, you will want to examine that area. Does it hurt when you touch it? Does it feel hard to the touch?

, Boils that are beginning to form will take on a red color. This is because your body is sending blood to the area to fight the infection. When blood is pumped to an area, it brings oxygen and bacteria-fighting cells with it. The rush of blood to the area will give the forming boil a red color. The area will also be swollen because of the blood being pumped to that particular spot.

, An area where a boil is forming will feel hot to the touch. Heat is another way that your body fights off infection. Your body will send waves of heat to the infected area in an attempt to kill the bacteria located there. When you touch the spot, it will feel hot.

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