How to Raise Hamsters



It is best to get a young hamster so that it will get used to you easily: One around 5-7 weeks old is best.,
Once you have your hamster, no matter the age, leave it in its cage with the following: food dish, water bottle, exercise wheel and toys.,
Every day talk to it gently and, after the second day, while it’s not sleeping or eating, let it sniff your hand, then pick it up gently and put it on the floor.,
Feed and give water to your hamster daily.,
Take a piece of celery, apple or cucumber and put it near your hamster.,
The next day, try to let the hamster eat the celery from your hand.,
Once it eats from your hand, hold it and stroke it every day.

Your hamster will learn to love you very quickly.

, Give it about two days to explore its new home and get used to its habitat.


Make sure that the area has no electric cables that the hamster can chew on, cracks it can climb through or holes it can hide in.
You should always wash your hands before and after you hold the little critter.

, The hamster will like its owner more if it is treated well.


Let it eat while you stroke it gently.
If it bites do not hit your hamster or yell at it. Instead firmly but gently say “No”, then put it back in its cage.

, If it eats from your hand, stroke it and praise it. If not, put it on the ground, watch it eat and try again tomorrow.


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