How to Raise Chicks



They lay fresh eggs.,
They provide compost.,
They provide insect control and landscaping services.,
They’re fun to watch.,
They provide food.,
They make great pets.

The major perk of raising chickens is that you will have a flock of egg-laying hens in under a year. The eggs your hens produce will be fresher and tastier than anything you can buy at the supermarket. Plus you can control exactly what goes into them through what you feed your hens. Eggs can be white, brown or blue-green depending on the breed of chicken.

, Chickens are veritable compost factories, they will turn their feed, plants, insects and almost any kitchen scraps into a nutrient-rich garden additive through their poop.

, Chickens will eat almost any insect unlucky enough to cross their paths, along with mice, snakes and minnows if they get the chance. They also love pecking at fresh grass and plant shoots and will happily weed your garden for you.

, From adorable, chirping chicks to squawking, squabbling adolescents, to beautiful, full-feathered birds, chickens are a joy to watch. They are entertaining and lovable, each with their own distinct personality. They are also very handsome birds, some breeds with plumage to rival even their most exotic, tropical cousins.

, Chickens don’t just provide eggs, they also provide chicken (who’d have thought it?). Hens will stop laying eggs after 3-5 years and at that point you can decide whether to keep the older hens on as pets, or turn them into stew. It may sound harsh, but that’s the way of the farmyard. If you unexpectedly raise a rooster instead of a hen, you can eat it after 5-6 months.

, Chickens are very sociable creatures and if you raise them from chicks (or hatch them yourself) they will form a bond with you and be very loyal pets. Tame chickens will sit in your lap, feed from your hand, cluck at you in greeting and might even come when they’re called.

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