How to Raise a Senegal Parrot



Senegal parrots tend to eat all kinds of seeds, fruits, and vegetables, and even human food if offered.,
Movements and what do they mean: if the black part of their eye becomes small, it mean he/she is enjoying something.,
Start from little to potty train it.,
Spend at least 1 hour everyday giving complete attention of him/her.,
If possible, try to have an extra open or closed cage that you will keep outside, and everyday, leave him/her outside to breathe fresh air, unless there is a possible danger of him/her flying away.

Once it starts getting used to you, start teaching it little tunes whistling.

But there are several things that should be never introduced to it: chocolate, onion, and avocado are some. It’s a myth that parsley will kill your bird, in fact parsley is chock full of health promoting vitamins and minerals, and in moderation will in fact boost your parrot’s health.;
, If they become larger it means they are scared, angry of just in a normal mood. When it is scared, its feathers will lie flat down. If angry, they will fluff up. Screaming is normal for parrots, and they always scream, it’s a way of talking.

, Make it learn a special word that will eventually tell it that it means that it must poop. Try this method: if he/she wants to come unto you, don’t allow he/she to come until he/she poops. Keep repeating that same word, and if it doesn’t understand, walk away. If it does, give it a treat and let him/her come unto you. In a matter of time, they will understand that they must poop before coming on.

, This will create a bond between you two, especially if you cuddle him/her, give treats, and talk to him/her.

,, Remember that Senegal parrots can’t speak, but they can very easily learn to imitate whistles, and even alarms, phones, and other things. Try with a simple tune such as the first part of “Happy Birthday” which is when you say ‘happy birthday to you’. Whistle it while you are around him/her and in a matter of about a month or even less, you will start hearing that he/she will start whistling that.

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