How to Raise a Baby House Sparrow



Warm the bird.,
Keep the bird’s beak clean.,
Measure the bird’s progress.

Put a heating pad set on low in a tissue box, and place some tissues in top of it. An alternative is to use a small bowl lined with paper towels. You can stand the bowl on a hot water bottle, or use an overhead heat lamp to keep the bird warm. Whichever you use, gently place the baby bird in it.

The ideal temperature is 85- 90 F.
Do not use terry clothes to line the nest as the claws and beak may become tangled to it.
Put the nest in a dark, quiet place where it won’t be disturbed by children or pets.

, After feeding, wipe the bird’s beak and face clean with a disposable wet wipe or cotton wool soaked in water. A soiled beak area can lead to bacterial infections., A Gram Scale may be used to measure the overall progress of your bird. Everyday before you feed your bird, weigh it. A healthy baby bird should gain weight everyday.

If your aim is to release the bird back into the wild, then consider not weighing the bird as the more contact you have, the more likely he is to imprint on you. If your intention is to raise the bird as a pet, then go ahead and weigh regularly to check progress.

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