How to Quiet a Capuchin Monkey



Make sure you have ample space so that capuchins can burn off energy and be less noisy.,
Find your capuchin a friend.,
Provide your capuchin with interesting toys and puzzles to keep them occupied.,
Give your capuchin a mirror to occupy their attention.,
Offer your capuchin foods that take time and attention to eat.,
Make time for your capuchin.

When they receive the physical exercise they need, capuchins will be more content and quiet.Capuchins need sufficient space to walk around in, climb, and jump.
Provide them places to sit so that their tail hangs below their seat without dragging on the floor.
Their cage size should be larger than 4ft. x 6ft. x 6ft, but if you have the space, an entire room would be more appropriate for your capuchin.
“Cat trees” that you purchase at pet stores also make excellent monkey trees.

, If your capuchin is loud and seems unhappy, it might be lonely and need companionship. Capuchins are social animals and they live longer, happier lives in captivity if they are not isolated.

Consider adopting another capuchin to keep your pet company.Capuchin monkeys also get along well with other species such as squirrel monkeys, so this is also an option for a companion.
If you have to leave your capuchin alone, turn the television on and they will be less lonely and noisy while you are gone., Your capuchin might be vocalizing and acting out because it is bored and needs mental stimulation. To occupy and quiet your capuchin monkey, try out these toys or objects.Tire swings and climbing ropes provide them with a lot of entertainment.
Capuchins like to handle things and tear them, so give them soft items such as cardboard.
Make sure the toys do not have sharp edges or hazardous coatings.
Capuchins like things that are bright and shiny.

, Like other primates, capuchins are known to spend considerable time playing with their reflections in a mirror. This will provide great entertainment for your pet and help keep your capuchin quiet.Use a metal mirror instead of glass so your capuchin is not hurt if the glass breaks.

, Provide your pet with food that doubles as entertainment and keeps them occupied.Give them fruits, seeds, or nuts that they have to crack, peel, or separate.
A piece of fruit frozen in ice or a cob of corn will entertain and stimulate your capuchin, making him or her less likely to be noisy.
For a fun treat, hide peanut butter and honey in a PVC pipe or box and give your capuchin a straw or stick to retrieve it. They will spend time focusing on this task instead of acting out.

, It’s possible that your pet capuchin is being rowdy and noisy because it wants your attention.

Take time every day to play with your capuchin.

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