How to Put on an English Saddle Properly



Groom your horse.,
Run up the stirrup irons on the stirrup leathers.,
Detach the girth and set it aside.,
Make sure the pad is lined up properly with the edges of the saddle.,
Stand on the left-hand (near) side of the horse, place the saddle and pad on the horse’s back with the pommel of the saddle just in front of the horse’s withers.

Slide the saddle back (in the direction of the hair growth) until it settles into place.,
Attach the girth to the girth straps on the off side (the horse’s right), then bring it up to the near side (the horse’s left).,
Fasten the girth securely – you should be able to get your hand between horse and girth, but it should be a snug fit.,
Drop your stirrups before you mount.

Mount and recheck your girth to see if it needs tightening.

Dirt and loose hair underneath a saddle can chafe him and cause an uncomfortable ride for both of you.;
, This keeps them out of the way.

, Alternately, you can fold it over the top of the saddle, leaving it attached on the right-hand (off) side.

, For a contoured pad, there should be about an inch of pad all the way around. For a square pad, be sure to leave at least one inch around the front edge of the saddle. The saddle should not be so far forward that in makes the shoulder movement hard.

,, The arch of the pommel should be directly over the highest point of the horse’s withers. The saddle will nestle in behind the horse’s shoulder-blades.

, As a guideline, the girth should come under the horse just behind its front legs. If you can see a gap between the elbow and the girth, the saddle is too far back.

, Make sure to use the first and third billet straps (not the second).

,, Done!

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