How to Put on a Horse’s/Pony’s Rug



Put on the head-collar and tie the lead rope to a piece of string for safety.,
Retrieve your rug, and have it in hand make sure you have a size rug that fits your horse/pony.

Fold the rug in half and, slowly and gently, lay it over the horse’s/pony’s back.,
Unfold the rug.,
Fasten the breast straps.,
Fasten the surcingles-these cross over the ponies belly.,
If you have a horse, fasten the leg straps.,
If you have a pony rug, then skip the previous step.,
You are now ready to turn your horse/pony out.

,, If you carelessly throw it over, it might frighten the horse/pony..

, Make sure that it’s the turned right way around.

, You fasten those straps first in case the pony panics, and tries to run away. If it panics, the rug will slip backwards and the horse/pony can step out of it. After you have fastened the breast straps, slide the rug backwards, so that it is farther down your pony’s neck, this makes the rug more comfortable for your horse/pony.

, You should fasten them back to front, then front to back. You should be able to fit a hand between each strap and the horse/pony.

, Put one around the leg and do it back up. Thread the other through and do back up on the same side it came from.

, Thread the pony’s tail through the fillet strap to keep the rug secure


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